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Anonymous asked: your concret at trafalgar castle school was great. fantastic job guys x

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it

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Anonymous asked: Where was the video for Always By My Side filmed?


The video was actually shot just in north Oshawa

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intimetovoices-deactivated20131 asked: Hey! I just recently came across your music and I love it. I'll be seeing you guys at the Horseshoe Tavern for my birthday. Can't wait! :)

Hey! Thanks so much! Happy early birthday and we’ll see you Friday!

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Listen to our new album for free for one week. Share it if you enjoy it.

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Tom recorded a cover of ‘With God On Our Side.’ A song by Bob Dylan. It’s available as a free download here: www.soundcloud.com/vivamars¬†

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Download it free.

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We’ve got a few shows coming up.

This Saturday March 24th we will be in Oshawa at the Reine Lounge.

Thursday March 29th we will be at the Smiling Buddha in Toronto.

And on April 5th we will be at Clinton’s Tavern in Toronto.

More info on all the shows and other things: www.facebook.com/vivamars

As well we’ve recorded some new material which we’ll release very soon.¬†

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We have a show on February 3rd at St..st..s...t..t..Stuttering Johns!

Come and celebrate the release of SlowCity Magazine 4 launch part. $10 adm. plus you get a magazine. How Sutherland and the Tangerine Dream is also playing. Some new songs will be played.

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Broken Arts: Artist Of The Year: #3 - Viva Mars


Your third favorite band of 2011 was Oshawa indie band Viva Mars.

Thomas, Chris, Jordan, and Jonathan kicked off the year with a spring release of their debut EP, Smile With Viva Mars, and finished off the year with a winter release of their debut album, More And More/Better And Better….

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The album is now available on iTunes. Get it while you still can…


Tell yo friends please.



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More And More/Better And Better | VivaMars

With four days till its release, check the first four songs from our debut album. Get it on iTunes Nov. 23.

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